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Mille Lacs Lake, Minnesota's second-largest lake, spans 132,000 surface acres or slightly more than 200 square miles. Maximum depths barely exceed 40 feet, while much of the main lake falls into the 20 to 38 foot depth ranges. While the north half of Mille Lacs contains most of the lake's mud flats, the southern portion of the lake offers more gravel and rock bars. All sides of the lake offer some shallow reef-top fishing. Deep-water angling takes place on the southern deep gravel and rocks as well as on dozens of mud flats in the north half of the lake. Shoreline break fishing on varied bottom types occurs all around the lake. The weed line is at 9 to 10 feet. Mille Lacs Lake offers the angler acres of multi-species action in a genuine "big lake" setting. Walleye, Northern Pike, Muskie, Jumbo Perch, Small Mouth Bass and Tullibee share the limelight at Minnesota's most popular fishing lake - on open water and on ice.

The Mille Lacs Lake area of Minnesota is cool in summer! Hot in winter! But to really appreciate our area, stay awhile, because most of our secrets are shared only with those who take the time to get to know us. Visit us during any season and discover our good nature from a fairway, a snowmobile trail, a bike path, a lawn chair on a sandy beach or the porch of a cozy resort cabin.

There's so much more to Mille Lacs Minnesota than fishing..

You'll find events, excitement and recreation no matter what time of year. Visitors to the Mille Lacs Lake area are presented with a fascinating array of recreational opportunities. Click to Activities for all there is to do! Subscribe to our Events RSS to keep track of new and upcoming happenings around the lake. From State Parks and camping, to resorts and family vacation getaways, explore Minnesota and the many attractions the Mille Lacs Lake area has to offer!

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The Mille Lacs Lake area flows with activities all year long. Whether you are a fisherperson, shopper or a tired traveler looking for more relaxed activities, make the Mille Lacs Lake area your home and getaway into Minnesota fun and adventure.



Summers in Minnesota are warm and sunny. People relax and savor the area's natural beauty. The lake is at the center of the area offering fishing, swimming, boating, canoeing and sailing. Snowmobile trails melt into ATV and bike trails. The State Parks offer peaceful hikes. The area presents spectacular golf courses with breathtaking landscapes.



The area is laced with cross-country and snowmobile trails offering miles of uninterrupted travel. Ice house pop-up all over the lake, making their own little communities.


Make the Mille Lacs area your vacation headquarters and discover whatever you are looking for!


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